Warner Bros. finally blessed us with a full official trailer of the highly anticipated sequel to 2017’s Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman 1984 and oh boy, where do we even begin?

The big hair, the fanny pack, the shoulder pads, everything from the outfits to the stunts screams 80s nostalgia!

In the trailer, we see the Amazon princess looking every bit the empowered, modern woman that she is. Diana is thriving in her new role as an art dealer, walking on red carpets, being glammed up for her day job, and lassoing thunderbolts and kicking butt Amazonian-style on the side, no biggie.

Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot presented the trailer at the Comic-Con Experience in Brazil Sunday.

“The greatest thing about making this movie was the fact that you’re really building to the Wonder Woman that we all love, but not until the end of the movie,” Jenkins said. “The most exciting thing about [the sequel] is literally seeing her loose in the world now, living those classic stories. Here’s Wonder Woman, and what can she do?” Jenkins told the crowd.

When Gal Gadot took the stage, she gave context to the storyline, how Diana Prince fared 40 years after the Great War:

“She’s quite lonely,” explains Gadot. “She lost all of her friends over the years, and she’s doing what she needs to do, she’s helping mankind and saving them until something crazy is about to happen to her.”

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

The trailer ends with a glorious scene of Wonder Woman in a full-body suit made from scaly, shiny metal.

What’s interesting is the return of a familiar face, Steve Trevor, and how his mysterious reappearance ties to the story. In the first WW movie, Diana Prince saw Steve’s fiery death (RIP) with her own eyes. In the WW1984 trailer, we see a shocked Diana locked in an intimate embrace with Steve, probably wondering what the heck is going on just like everybody else.

“We didn’t put Steve Trevor in this movie just because we wanted to put Steve Trevor in this movie,” said Jenkins. “A eureka moment came, and it couldn’t be told without Chris Pine playing Steve Trevor. I promise you, it’s not a gimmick.”

Based on their interactions and fight scenes, it does seem like Steve is back and is not just a figment of Diana’s imagination. Judging from their dialogue, Diana seems to be introducing Steve to the modern world, which hints that her old flame may be stuck in the past.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

And speaking of fight scenes, the movie will reflect the stunts that were done in movies of that era. The special effects will be the same; they are inspired by classic action movies of the 80s. How’s that for consistency?

According to Gadot, the production relied less on CGI and shot the fight scenes the old fashioned way:

“Instead of shooting some action and letting the CGI [handle] most of it, we actually shot most of it,” said Gadot. “Thank god I had some help with my stunt team.”

The trailer also introduced two new villains, Kristen Wiig’s Barbara Minerva who will transform into one of Wonder Woman’s greatest foes, Cheetah (they seem to get along great in the teaser) and Maxwell Lord played by Pedro Pascal. According to WW1984 director, Patty Jenkins, Maxwell Lord is the “king of infomercials who will do anything to be successful.”

“We’re so excited for our wonderful Wonderful Woman to get unleashed on the modern world, where she takes on some of her greatest foes and she tries to save them and everyone in an epic battle,” said Jenkins.

Wonder Woman 1984 was slated for a December 2019 release but it’s been pushed to June 5, 2020, just in time for the summer blockbuster season!



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