YouTube has become the most popular platform for content creators of all kinds, including independent animators! Although YouTube is often associated with vloggers and gaming channels, there are animators who are gradually making a name for themselves in the platform and receiving millions of subs. And some of these channels are earning thousands of dollars by simply providing amazing content for their viewers.

Creating a YouTube channel is a great way to start your animation career. The beauty of running a YouTube animation channel is that you have total control over the kind of content to present to your audience. You could experiment with different techniques, refine your skills and express yourself through your animated shorts. You get maximum exposure by simply doing what you do best, making great animations. And the potential to attract market leaders and future clients is too great to ignore.

Of course, attracting viewers isn’t just about uploading a new video twice a week. You need a plan and great content to draw people into your channel. Regardless if you are an animator hoping for a big break or an experienced artist who wants to find a good platform to showcase your craft, here ways to use YouTube to advance your animation career:

Showcase Your Skills

This is perhaps the most obvious reason why many animators, new and experienced artists alike, are making their own YT channels. The video sharing platform is a terrific way to showcase your skills as an artist while reaching out to more people.

Think about it, if you are a student or an aspiring animator looking for your big break, creating a myriad of shorts and uploading them on YouTube will look great in your portfolio. If you are attending any of TDU’s many VFX and animation classes, you could demonstrate the amazing lessons you learned from the class via YouTube and gain a following.

And if you are an experienced animator, making your own YT channel could serve as an extension of your work. You could take your animations closer to your fans and inspire other artists to pursue their dreams too.

Be Passionate

Success does not happen overnight. Most “YouTubers,” particularly artists with a huge following, started their own YT channel as teenagers. And more often than not, the drive to create these videos is the pure passion for the craft.

It’s true that one must plan well to achieve the desired results but there is no better way to grow your own following than being passionate about what you do.

Creating new videos on YouTube week after week could be taxing for most people but as long as you are passionate about what you do, it does not feel like work at all. Also, people respond to passion more, viewers could tell if a video was made simply to earn $$$ or to genuinely entertain viewers. So bet on your passion, let it drive you to YouTube stardom!

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Plan Your Uploads

If you want to get more subs, you have to learn how to target the right viewers. You could do that by optimizing every video with the right keywords, description, and tags.

If you know the basics of SEO, it’s pretty easy! Just think of a set of words or phrases that best describe the video or phrases that your target audience are likely to use when searching for videos that are similar to the kind of videos that you upload on YouTube. You could also use Google’s keyword researching tool for research. But to simplify the optimization, there are free browser add-ons that analyze the results of your channel as well as other people’s channels, such as VidIQ.

Timing is also critical when it comes to generating more subs each time you upload a video. The right time to upload a video will depend on the kind of viewers you have so our advice is to take cues from other channels. Observe successful channels in your niche, see how they plan their uploads and take it from there. You could also use the same tags, video lengths, and other strategies they use to make every upload count.

Don’t Overthink the Steps

Sure, creating engaging content takes a lot of prep but don’t overthink the steps to a point that you are unable to upload anything at all because there is always something off about the process. You might use the wrong keywords at first; the thumbnails might not translate well in some light, that’s fine. Establishing a YouTube channel and earning subs is a long process and if you are new to this, you will learn as you go along. Don’t let one misstep get you down, that’s part of the process. Do not expect every video to be successful, learn from every experience, and don’t forget to have fun!

Connect with Industry Leaders

Making the right connection is important when building an animation career. Everyone who’s anyone has a YouTube channel, including master artists, mentors, and animation schools like TDU (subscribe to our channel here). You could use this platform to learn from the masters, attend important events, and gain new experiences, all of which will be useful once you enter the workforce.

Gain a Following

Engaging with your viewers is a critical part of providing better content. By reaching out to your followers, you will know what kind of content they want to see and what they do not want to see. By engaging with your followers, you’ll discover their many interests. You could use this information to provide better content. At the same time, you’ll gain basic insights that will be useful in your career as an animator. For example, you could create shorter animations if these make more impact on your audience than longer ones.

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Collaborate with Fellow Artists

Having your own YouTube channel could land you gigs you never would get without it. The opportunity to collaborate with different artists is more likely when you put your work out there. Once your channel grows and you need help overseeing the production for online content, you could also connect with new artists that are just starting out and eager to gain more experiences.

Be Committed

Creating animations on YouTube is a great moneymaker but do not let the money be the only reason why you are making these videos. The thing is, there is no real guarantee that you will rake in the profits once you upload videos on YouTube. And when you do earn money off these videos, it’s not going to happen overnight.

Instead of focusing on the earnings, concentrate on the art. Provide the best content, demonstrate your skills, and engage with your followers, all these will help you tap into the potential of online video sharing, both as a moneymaking venture as well as a career-boosting platform.

Following us on YouTube is a great way to start your animation career! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and discover how TDU could help you become an even better artist.

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