All the things we love about the 90s are back, including one blue supersonic hedgehog. That’s right, Sega’s most beloved video game character, Sonic the Hedgehog, is back with his own live-action movie.

Sonic appearance remained faithful to SEGA’s hit video game franchise, he’s still blue and quick as a flash. But there is one feature that made some fans uncomfortable: a mouthful of human teeth.

To be fair, the character’s past depictions had teeth but none had a set of human lip and teeth.

In the film, Sonic is Earth-bound to save the planet from his nemesis, Dr. Robotnik, who is trying to harness Sonic’s superpower to rule the world. Ben Schwartz will voice Sonic while Jim Carrey plays the main baddie, Dr. Robotnik.

Based on the three-minute teaser, Tom meets Sonic as the latter speeds down to a desolated country road, setting off Tom’s radar. Not long after, Tom and Sonic become friends and they join forces to stop Dr. Robotnik, the mustache-twirling evil government scientist, from world domination.

It’s interesting to see how the film will incorporate the golden rings from the video game into the story, something that was hinted in the trailer.

Although reactions to Sonic’s design weren’t overwhelmingly positive, many are excited to see Jim Carrey’s performance:

Sonic the Hedgehog is directed by Jeff Fowler who is making his feature directorial debut. The film is also produced by the Neal H. Moritz of The Fast the Furious franchise.

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