Netflix cooked up something special for its younger viewers, a 13-episode series based on a Dr. Seuss classic, Green Eggs and Ham. This isn’t your ordinary animated series, the 2D animation is drawn by hand and a goofy plot that stays true to the original story.

In the book, a character named Sam-I-Am asks an unnamed character (the narrator) to eat a dish of green eggs and ham 8 times in 8 different places and always, the answer is no.

In the Netflix series, Sam-I-Am’s world has expanded just a little bit but the story remains the same.  Sam-I-Am is still the happy-go-lucky dish cheerleader while the grumpy unnamed character now has a name Guy-Am-I, and is voiced by the Michael Douglas. Instead of wearing Guy-Am-I’s down, Sam-I-Am gradually reveals every layer to Guy’s character to understand his unhappiness on a road trip:

Green Eggs and Ham boast an ensemble cast that includes Adam Devine as Sam-I-Am, Diane Keaton, Eddie Izzard, Tracy Morgan, John Turturro, and Jeffrey Wright.

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Dr. Seuss’ whimsical world was reimagined using traditional 2D hand-drawn animation and CGI. It took 4 years of production and 300 artists to bring Seuss’ charming storybook illustrations to life! The process was a slow one but the result is nothing short of stunning. Viewers are in for a treat.

The series was created by Jared Stern (The Lego Batman Movie and Wreck-It Ralph), which he executive produced alongside Ellen DeGeneres. According to Stern, putting together the series required the blessing of Audrey Geisel, Theodor Geisel’s (AKA Dr. Seuss) widow. Audrey Geisel died last year; her husband died in 1991.

Stern recalls driving up to the Geisels’ home: “We drove up a windy road to Dr. Seuss’ house on top of a hill overlooking the ocean, with a single tree; the perfect view of a single, kind of windy tree, that felt like all of his trees.”

“I had to pitch the story to her and it was incredibly scary,” Stern added. Walking inside the beloved writer’s office to pitch his idea was nerve-wracking, to say the least. “To have to do it in his office was a lot of pressure.”

Stern added that he pitched the idea to Dr. Seuss’ widow for 30 minutes, instead of a few minutes.

“Once it was over, she said something to the effect of, ‘I wondered what you were going to do with this. But I think you really captured it, and you have our blessing. That was lovely.”

Green Eggs and Ham is now streaming on Netflix.


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