It’s showtime!

Master thief Lupin the Third, along with his plundering crew, is back on the silver screen for his CGI movie debut. And man, does the movie look good:

The first trailer does not give much away but it shows the classic cast of Lupin the Third: Daisuke Jigen, the sharp-shooting gunman; renegade samurai/martial arts master, Goemon Ishikawa XIII and finally, the brilliant and double-crossing femme fatale, Fujiko Mine.

The trailer also featured Inspector Zenigata, who’s still on Lupin’s trail. A Lupin the Third movie isn’t complete without explosions, car chases, death-defying stunts… and humiliation on the part of Zenigata.

Lupin the Third

The long-running manga/anime franchise remains a force to reckon with in Japan, where the series has crossed over to animated movies, live-action movies, video games, and even musicals. It’s unbelievable that the franchise was never featured in a computer-animated movie before!

The character Lupin the Third, depicted as the grandson of Arsène Lupin, the star of Maurice Leblanc’s novellas, first appeared in a 1967 manga by Kazuhiko Kato, better known as Monkey Punch. The series was a hit and a spinoff series, Lupin the Third Part I, was released in 1971. The manga started out as a dark, sometimes raunchy series but was eventually toned down to widen its fan base.

Lupin the Third
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Before he died, Kato revealed his wish of seeing the beloved master thief in a 3D CG movie:

“I’ve been looking forward to a 3D CG Lupin III for a long time. I’ve taken a look at the characters and story: it looks like this Lupin will come packed with new sensations, and I’m getting excited just thinking about how the film will turn out.”

As far as appearances go, the CG characters were faithful to the anime. Following the announcement of the movie, the film’s official Twitter account also published the movie poster:

Lupin the Third: The First will be directed by Takashi Yamazaki (Dragon Quest: Your Story and Stand by Me Doraemon) and produced by Toho Animation. The movie will be released in Japan on December 6.

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