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TDU :: Interview with Sony Lighting TD & TDU Alum, Anuar Figueroa

TDU Co-Founder Mike Tanzillo chats with former current TDU student Anuar Figueroa on going from growing up in Mexico to working in Canada on animated and VFX films including Batman vs. Superman, Fast and Furious 7, and Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse ! Learn his backstory and see how he used to launch his career!

TDU :: Interview TDU Students Calabaza Muelle

TDU Co-Founder Michael Tanzillo sits down for an interview with student

TDU talks with Vadim Turchin, VFX/CG Supervisor at Moving Picture Company (MPC), on FB Live

Meet Vadim Turchin! He is a VFX/CG Supervisor at Moving Picture Company (MPC). Celebrating 20 years in VFX / Animation industry, Vadim has worked at a number of highly respected agencies, studios, and networks during his career. He worked for a number of leading broadcasters including USA Networks, Showtime, CBS. He also held staff positions at Curious Pictures, where he was creative director/head of CG and animation, Brand New School, where he was VFX and CG director, PSYOP, and RHINO FX. He also worked with a number of film directors – Woody Allen, J.C. Chandor, Dee Rees and many others. Besides being a supervisor, Vadim continues to do lighting and look development on most of his projects and spends time mentoring upcoming generations of artist both at his current company, MPC, as well as other educational institutions.

TDU talks all about RenderMan, on FB Live

Mike conducts an overview of RenderMan and show how to get it yourself, download their free assets, and start playing!!

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