Tom Hooper’s much-maligned movie, Cats, is already out in theaters but it seems like Universal Studios is still feeling the sting from critics. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the studio has given a memo that a newer version of the movie will be making the rounds in US and UK theaters. This is an unprecedented move for a film that’s already finished and in release according to cinema operators.

The update includes “better CGI and special effects.” Insiders say that the updated version was done at Hooper’s request and the running time remains the same. Universal Studios did not comment on the updates but has asked theaters to replace the current print of Cats with the updated one as soon as possible.

Hooper reportedly worked on the movie right up to the day before the worldwide release in New York.

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Although details related to the updates were not revealed, obvious missteps like Judi Dench’s human hands with her wedding ring and Rebel Wilson’s real hand in a sleeve are likely to get a much-needed touch-up. If you didn’t see any of these CGI boo-boos, you have seen the updated version of the movie.

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As for the CGI fur, that will stay. According to filmmakers, they considered using practical cat prosthetics on the actors but there was the risk of the actors overheating from the prosthetics so the idea was nixed.

Before its official release last December, Cats went viral for its CGI and was quickly torn to shreds by critics. The movie costs about $100 million to create but only brought in $6.5 million.


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