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The animation industry is FIERCELY competitive and it can be nearly impossible to get your first job. Don’t get down. Instead, take the next step in your career with the online courses at TDU. You’ll learn more about what it takes to get the job of your dreams in ONE of our online courses then you did at an entire year at school.

3D Render by TDU student, Ryan Hansford

TDU Lighting Challenges

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TDU Online Courses

TDU’s Online Courses are designed to teach you the skills top Animation & VFX Companies desire. Our courses, available all-day, every-day, are designed to not only give you the skills but also give you the assets and feedback to make your demo reel amazing. 

TDU Mentors

Students rave about the mentorship they receive from TDU. TDU is made up of industry professionals with decades of experience dedicated to one thing – making you a better artist. Unlock this valuable resource when you sign up for any TDU course!

TDU offers online courses in VFX & Animation that seek to unleash the artistic monster that lies within you! These courses are accessible from anywhere in the world and can be accessed at any time so you can learn on your schedule. Additionally, all students are part of an exclusive community on industry professionals poised to provide invaluable peer feedback which is the crucial element to becoming the best artist you can be.

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